Why choose Susan Wagner PR?

  • Over 25 years of results driven experience as a PR practitioner, writer and strategist
  • Strategic thinking with notable results
  • Exceptional and mutually rewarding client relationships
  • Professional media relations and extensive personal contacts
  • One-on-one client interaction
  • Extensive event promotion experience

Susan Wagner’s combination of experience, creativity, and relentlessness in pursuit of client goals has resulted in success after success. But if you don’t want to take our word for it, here are some words from our clients:

“You are awesome! You don’t know how much I appreciate and value all that you accomplish.”

Gary Leftkowith, President
Chubby Checker Entertainment

“As a small independent record company, I knew the odds were stacked against us. I could not have been more surprised and astonished at the accomplishments of Ms. Wagner. She put us in the gift guides of prestige publications, such as U.S.A. Today, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Redbook and The New Yorker. Through her efforts we received over $45,000 in sales of our Christmas CDs in the first month. I am forever grateful to her for putting North Star Records and Providence, RI, indelibly on the music map.”

Richard Waterman, President
North Star Records, Inc.

“Wow! Congratulations! That [you raised almost a million dollars] is fantastic news!!! We had a great time and your team is AWESOME! A very special weekend for all of us. Thanks a million!”

Michael Damian
Recording artist, star of The Young & The Restless

This is an amazing accomplishment. I still can’t get over what a great and successful first-time event (The Walk: Hasbro Children’s Hospital) we were able to conduct. I’ve been involved with some outstanding inaugural events of great size and dimension and as complicated as can be, and this one resides near the top of that list for me. I just wanted you to share in that joy and success. After all you had a lot to do with it!

Mark Cummings, Senior Vice President of Development
Lifespan, Inc.

“Our 30th anniversary celebration at the State House WAS a great day. You were awesome. I was telling my wife about your marching up to the Governor’s office and getting them to relent to your executive decision, and she said, ‘there’s nothing like pushy broads.’ So true. The photos look great. Thanks for taking care of the writing, promotion, program and speakers. Thanks for everything!”

Ron Bersani
Exec. Director, Talking Information Center

“My deepest thanks for your part in making this event (the Ronan Tynan concert and VIP reception) one right out of the park. I am still filled with awe at the beauty of the evening.  It was truly magical…it captured the love and teamwork and joy that is the essence of the hospital.”

Carol Sim, CEO
Rehabilitation Hospital of the Cape and Islands

“Your idea of promoting our new book through PTO Today magazine was a stroke of genius. We just did the interview that you arranged for us and it went very well. The young woman who is writing the piece loved the book, and kept telling us about all the funny parts she liked, and how it was so original. The review should run in April or May ’09 and will be seen nationwide in all the mags for K thru 8th grades.  And, she’s publishing a picture and maybe a photo of the book cover, so it’s huge.  Thank you very much!”

Carol Coote, Co-author
The PTA: Sex, Intrigue, and Designer Handbags

“Our appearance at the the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Conference & Expo in Chicago this year went very well, with a lot of great comments on the collateral you created. It all came out first class. I’m very pleased and we appreciate all your hard work — it paid off! Thanks again!”

David Munroe, President
ACAF Systems, Inc.

“The quantity and quality of your work exceeded our greatest expectations.  Press coverage was intensive and far reaching.  Your writing made even me excited about my celluloid debut! You proved to the skeptics that Boston media will indeed come to Worcester.  We enjoyed the chance to work with you and would recommend your team to anyone.  Without your assistance, we would never have been able to raise 1/2 million for non-profits in the city.”

Bob Cousy, Honorary Chairman
Blue Chips World Premiere

“Thanks so much for all the information and for your help.  Ali & Dad’s Army is one of the most powerful stories I have covered.  I loved meeting Lisa Ling. Best of luck on Marathon Day.”

Mary Richardson

“The publicity secured by Susan Wagner was awesome and priceless.  This was truly the trust and the hospital at its best.”

Janet Cady, President
Children’s Hospital Trust

“Thank you for the update on coverage. Being able to get two TV stations to the event in addition to the top pubs in town, and the coverage thus far, is fantastic – especially for a Sunday when there are limited media personnel to assign.
Thank you for these top tier hits.”

Michele Nadeem

“You did a wonderful job for us at the Walk (To Cure Cancer). I have never seen so much Boston press outside of the city. The coverage and stories were great and everything ran like clockwork.”

Jenique Radin, Director of Development/Pediatrics
UMass Memorial Foundation

“How can we ever thank you. Somehow the words don’t seem enough. This year is the most successful ever. We owe much of our success to your talent and ability to portray our kids to the media. You are remarkably talented, Sue, and should be commended on a job well done. Your writing skills are outstanding. Thank you again for being such a wonderful friend.”

Vanessa DeMichele
WBZ Telethon and Corporate Promotions Manager

“Thank you Susan. This is how to put on an event and promote it!!!”

Larry Weir
National Record Promotion and Artist’s Management Firm